Mitos sobre bonsáis

  1. Oberon
    Después de decir que la akadama es veneno para los yamadoris: .... .... .... Akadama is only good if one ALWAYS repots every year or every two years and removes all of the old soil. This should be only the case with younger deciduous trees. Akadam is extremely expensive. It is very dangerous for trees that will stay in the same substrate for longer than two years. For all collected treews it is POISON. They will weaken and die after three years. Tens of thousands of trees were killed that way in Europe. Akadama is being pushed by people who make money wiht it and who take advantage of the fact that folks think things done in Japan MUST be better than what we do. Akadama is dirt cheap in Japan, This is why they use it ..... ..... ..... One has to water and feed agressively with such substrates. One can not overwater, but certainly underwarter. That watering is a great art is a bonsai myth wiht such substrates. Every idiot can hold a water hose over everything until it is dripping...
  2. Shogun
    Hola: Hoy he conseguido el fertipron con la siguiente composicion Composición: Nitrógeno total 20% p/p (úrico: 8,4% p/p, amoniacal 5,75% p/p, nítrico: 5,85% p/p) + fósforo (P2O5): 20% p/p + potásico (K2O): 20% p/p + boro (B): 0,02% p/p + cobre (Cu): 0,05% p/p + zinc (Zn): 0,05% p/p + hierro (Fe): 0,05% p/p + manganeso (Mn): 0,05% p/p + molibdeno (Mo): 0,0025% p/p. Pienso abonar con el durante el resto de la estacion de crecimiento, cada dos semanas segun las recomendaciones de Walter Pall click,click Veremos que pasa P.D. 6,20 € el kg en agrodex click,click